Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blogg Update

Since there's no one to update the blog. Well, let the CEO do the job then. =D
I bet everyone can see the picture on top. He's our so called 'Editor of BabiCrew's of Year 2008'. We appoint him as our Editor coz he's the most free person among everyone in the 'crew'. =] awhhh. XD
There's something bout our great one, Jack Ung(Editor of BabiCrew) . =D
  • First of all, his name is Jack Ung. We always call him Jack & BlackJack. Nice right his name? *everyone agree YES plss* =D.
  • Jack is a 'smart' boy !! BUT BUT BUT.. SOMETIMES he misused his smart-ness. He likes to 'shoot' someone without thinking bout tht person's feeling. *bad right*=(
  • Besides that, he likes to do his stupid face which everyone hates it !
*i'll get a picture of tht face SOON!!* heh. Well.. I think tht's all for now. Will update MORE stuff next time. See you guys around. =] byeeeeee.

Written by Benny™

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