Sunday, June 29, 2008

Unplanned Outing

Yesterday Benny, Kok Foo, Jack and Gim Chuan went to Gurney to watch Get Smart. Sorry to those who we dint invite as it was an unplanned outing =X

Our Mascot arranging BALLS

TheBabiCrew© Mascot in action

Mascot Gim Chuan aiming but then all his shots is either miss or the white ball flying out from the table.

Shorter-Than-Mascot CEO's turn to play.

And the result? Benny 5 - 4 Gim Chuan . Babi Luck was really on Gim Chuan's side and he almost won the game. Then as usual the CEO 'suan' Gim Chuan but I wonder what will be the CEO's reaction if he lose to a pig mascot? xP

We went Old Town at New World Park for dinner,and our bloody CEO ordered the wrong food for us and refuses to pay. Damn membabikan wei =.= 4 plates of that Curry Chicken Rice cost us 30 bucks .
Mascot trying to hide himself from the camera.

Babi Spotted?

Sorry again to those who we did not invite yesterday for the outing ! We'll organize an outing soon kay? = ) Babihood! =X

Written by Jack.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Celebrating Jon's Birthday

Today, 27th of June, is our beloved chow ge's b'day! =]
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
We started off with swimming in Marina Bay.
Those attended included Zi Xuan, Benny, Kok Foo, Gim Chuan, Tony and the birthday boy himself.
And then...

Traditional style of celebrating birthday?

"Bak Kut Teh".

Well, it wasn't that good but we were like hungry BABIs.
After that, we went Conway in 1-Stop for snooker.
That's about it in the evening.
Last but not least, Congrats as you're one step closer to getting you driving license.

P.S: Realised something is missing?
So, those didn't celebrate with him eh better pandai pandai on monday.

Written by ZiXuan®


It's official that our new Captain Crew is....

-Kok Foo-

and our Assistant Captain Crew is...


Written By Jack.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Little Sumthing About Our CEO

- His full name is Benny Teo Chee Wei
- He is a boy ( might not be true )
- He is shorter than our mascot
- Nickname : bunny, barney, see ehh yaa, Benny Teo chi bye =X
- When crapping he likes to twist and turn his words and then end it up with saying he's the best / correct in everything.
- His butt is very firm ( trust me on this, will upload a photo of it soon )
- He ponteng-ed school today

Written by Jack.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who Should Be Our Captain Crew?

As Gim Chuan is now The Babi Crew© mascot,sumone have to take his place as Captain Crew. So please do vote for the selected candidates! xP The one with the most vote will be elected as Captain Crew and the one with the second highest vote will be the Assistant Captain Crew! So vote wisely!

Candidates :


Kok Foo

Chia Liang ( Left )

Jonathan Chow

Written by Jack.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Babi Crew ©

It started during maths period when Zi Xuan drew a babi picture on the table and that babi picture is now our official logo. Then at night on msn 0ur Captian Crew Gim Chuan proposed an idea about forming the The Babi Crew© as he looks like a big fat babi. We only have 8 members bt soon the numbers will increase tremendously. That's all for the first post !

The Babi Crew Logo

and at night
Our first official msn meeting! xP
Notice that all our display pictures are the same? =)

Written by Jack.