Sunday, June 29, 2008

Unplanned Outing

Yesterday Benny, Kok Foo, Jack and Gim Chuan went to Gurney to watch Get Smart. Sorry to those who we dint invite as it was an unplanned outing =X

Our Mascot arranging BALLS

TheBabiCrew© Mascot in action

Mascot Gim Chuan aiming but then all his shots is either miss or the white ball flying out from the table.

Shorter-Than-Mascot CEO's turn to play.

And the result? Benny 5 - 4 Gim Chuan . Babi Luck was really on Gim Chuan's side and he almost won the game. Then as usual the CEO 'suan' Gim Chuan but I wonder what will be the CEO's reaction if he lose to a pig mascot? xP

We went Old Town at New World Park for dinner,and our bloody CEO ordered the wrong food for us and refuses to pay. Damn membabikan wei =.= 4 plates of that Curry Chicken Rice cost us 30 bucks .
Mascot trying to hide himself from the camera.

Babi Spotted?

Sorry again to those who we did not invite yesterday for the outing ! We'll organize an outing soon kay? = ) Babihood! =X

Written by Jack.

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