Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Mini Outing

Well, 1st of all..sorry for the picless post. No cameraman today. XP.'s school ended at 2.50pm. Gab decided yesterday that we go for a meal and then for a movie at Gurney. He fetched Zi Xuan and I while or mascot fetched Tony. We met at pizza hut in sunrise tower and had our lunch there. The plan didn't go out as planned. We headed to conway for a game of pool and snooker.

Zi Xuan partnered me against our mascot and Gab for the pool game.
The score - 3:0 (we expected a tougher match la wei)

Zi later had one rack of pool against Tony, and had a 2-9 combination to win it. Tony didnt want to pay.. Lols.. Say he cheating wan. Bo sporting eh..haha

Played 3 snooker matches later. Gab won the 1st two while lz won d other. I kena hammer. Ish..

Well..that rounds up our mini outing today. Sorry those who were not invited as it was a last-minute plan. So..when shall we go out again?

Alvin's first ever post.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We are back.

Hello people!We are back. Sorry for our laziness to update.hehe
OH well. Lets see.
1st of all we would like to wish our editor JACKJACK
A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY(its over already, sorry for the late wishes ya ,jack)

For Jack's birthday, we all went out Gurney(the usual place) and played some pool( another usual place).It was such a coincidence that we were all wearing Black and White that day.
Zi Xuan trying a shot.
Then we all have BIG APPLE's DONUT for appetizer. Jack treated us.

The BrandThe Donuts
JACK is sitting in the middle(cunning smile huh)lol, Benny the one in the white shirt(what is he doing with his finger?!?)

After that we all went to FLAME for dinner. Jack treated us again. Thanks for the treat ya.
Here is a picture of flame's sign board i guess, if u don't know FLAME.Kok Foo and who is that guy behind(looks like zi xuan and jack)?

After dinner, we head down to Upper Penang Road's Segafredo for some drinks and chat.
Well i guess thats all.THANKS JACK!
Will update again very soon. =]