Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Mini Outing

Well, 1st of all..sorry for the picless post. No cameraman today. XP. Well..today's school ended at 2.50pm. Gab decided yesterday that we go for a meal and then for a movie at Gurney. He fetched Zi Xuan and I while or mascot fetched Tony. We met at pizza hut in sunrise tower and had our lunch there. The plan didn't go out as planned. We headed to conway for a game of pool and snooker.

Zi Xuan partnered me against our mascot and Gab for the pool game.
The score - 3:0 (we expected a tougher match la wei)

Zi later had one rack of pool against Tony, and had a 2-9 combination to win it. Tony didnt want to pay.. Lols.. Say he cheating wan. Bo sporting eh..haha

Played 3 snooker matches later. Gab won the 1st two while lz won d other. I kena hammer. Ish..

Well..that rounds up our mini outing today. Sorry those who were not invited as it was a last-minute plan. So..when shall we go out again?

Alvin's first ever post.

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