Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hey there everyone.
This BABI's blog hasn't been updated for a long time huh.
Oh well the reason is BUSY as usual.
So if you are wondering what each of us is doing. :-

Benny the CEO-Playing games all the time(always say he is studying =.=)
Zi Xuan - Busy with girls.
Kok Foo-Playing games or studying or u know what.HAHA
Damian@Dale-Learning HOW to drive and ...!LOL
Jack-Studying .And going to learn to drive.haha
Gim Chuan-STUDYING!! =)LOL
Jonathan-Learning how to play football?hehe
As for the rest, their are lost in action. No news about them.haha

A picture to go with this post.

Till then .Bye


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